Airs Aura Disposable Vape 1000 Puffs 3.5mL

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Airs Aura Disposable Vape comes in 3.5ml of e-juice and 5% TFN nicotine. Free yourself from the smell of tobacco and ashes everywhere! It has 1000 puffs per devices,Their devices are packed with delicious flavors that pop up as soon as you inhale on their vape.There are no controls to push, and vaping is as simple as inhaling deeply.


2. 1000puffs 
3, 3.5ml
4, 15 Flavors available
5, 5% Nicotine
6, Resistance 1.8ohm


15 Flavors:
Cool Mint, Banana Ice, Blue Raz, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry Watermelon , Lush Ice , Peach Ice , Blueberry Ice, Grape Ice , Energy Drink , Tobacco , Menthol,  Banana Custard , Strawberry ICE Cream, Grape Soda

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