Bidi Stick Disposable Vape 400 puffs

Flavor: Blazing Vibe
Sale price$10.99


Bidi Stick Disposable Vape is small, extremely easy to use straight out of the box and can be utilized discreetly like most vape devices. So you don’t have to worry about pressing any buttons, priming, charging or refilling.   The Bidi Stick Disposable Vape Pen device is here to deliver convenient, on the go, hassle-free vaping.

Each Bidi Stick comes fully-charged w/280ma battery, contains 1.4ml of premium class-A salt nic, enough for over 400 puffs of juicy flavor!

Bidi Stick Disposable Vape FEATURES:
  • Fully charged and pre-filled
  • Immediate use-activated on draw instantly
  • Discreet and easy-to-use
  • Powerful vaping experience with instant nicotine rush
  • No mess design- dispose of it when you’re done
Bidi Stick Disposable Vape Specifications:
  • Capacity:3.0ml
  • Battery:550mAh
  • Level:50mg
  • Puff:800
  • Size:16.2x103.8mm
  • Options:10(Please message if you wanna select flavors)
Bidi Stick Disposable Vape Flavor Profiles:
  • Berry Blast - Strawberry + Blueberry
  • Blazing Vibe - Mango + Apple + Orange
  • Champion Juice - Mint + Ginger + Lemon
  • Dragon Venom - Dragonfruit + Strawberry
  • Fruity Mango - Fresh Mango
  • Icy Mango - Mango + Menthol
  • Jungle Juice - Melon + Pineapple + Banana
  • Kick Start - Blueberry + Pomegranate
  • Lush Ice - Watermelon + Melon + Menthol


Bidi Stick Disposable Vape Packing list:

1 x Bidi Stick Disposable Vape

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