Blow 4k Disposable Vape 12mL e-liquid 5% nicotine

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Each Blow 4K Vape pod features more than 4000 puffs and has an internal battery which is disposed of once the life cycle ends. This brand just keeps pumping beautifully designed disposables vapes. Their devices are packed with delicious flavors that pop up as soon as you inhale on their vape. The Blow 4K comes with 7 flavors. These pens hold 12ml of oil with a nicotine level of 50mg/5% and you will get approximately 4000 puffs from the pen!

Blow 4k Specifications: 

  • Blow 4k Disposable Vape e-Cig pre-filled with 12mL of e-liquid
  • 5% salt nicotine concentration
  • approximately 4000 puffs per device

    Blow 4k Flavors:

    • Classic Menthol
    • Classic Tobacco
    • Frozen Pomegranate
    • Grape Deeewy
    • Snow
    • Strawberry Cream
    • Watermelon Deeewy

    Blow 4k Package Contents:

    • 1* Blow 4k Disposable Vape

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