EB CR5000 Disposable Vape

Flavors: Peach Ice
Sale price$16.99


The EB CR5000 Disposable Vape is a compact and lightweight device designed for a convenient and satisfying vaping experience. It comes pre-filled with 5%  nicotine salt e-liquid, providing a smooth and flavorful draw. The CR5000 features a 500mAh built-in battery, which delivers consistent power and longevity. It also boasts a 1.8ml e-liquid capacity, ensuring a long-lasting vaping session.

EB CR5000 Disposable Vape: 

  • pre-filled with 10-13mL of e-liquid
  • 5% salt nicotine concentration
  • 650mAh battery capacity (recharge)
  • 5000 puffs per device

EB CR5000 Disposable Vape Flavor:

  • Chilled Peach Delight
  • Creamy Strawberry Fantasy
  • Tropical Mango Breeze
  • Kiwi and Passion Fruit Fusion

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