FEELM disposable vape 300mAh

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Each device comes with 1.6 mL of e-liquid and the battery is rated at 300 mAh.The blessing of the ceramic core FEELM improves the taste to next level,And the shape of the taste becomes very three-dimensional.The device is flat shaped and thin, which makes it very pocketable. It’s also super lightweight, weighing only 17 grams when full.

FEELM specifications:

  • FEELM Ceramic Coil
  • Size:106mm*19.9mm*10.3mm
  • Pod Capacity:1.6mL
  • Battery Capacity:300mAh

FEELM disposable vape features:

  • Premium Quality from the Inside Out
  • Consistent Flavor Till the Last Puff
  • Industry-leading Leak-proof Technology
  • (*1st disposable Pod without Silicone Plug)
  • Automated Production Available

FEELM comes with:

  • 1*FEELM disposable vape 300mAh

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