Geekvape Digi-Q Kit

Options: Kit Color: Purple - Flavor: Sour Watermelon Strawberry 50mg
Sale price$23.40


Enhance your vaping journey with the Geekvape Digi-Q Kit and Daddy's Vapor Salts E-Liquid. This potent pod system, combined with a high-concentration salt nicotine blend delivering 50mg of smooth satisfaction, is ideal for all vape aficionados. Elevate your flavor experience by getting it today.

Geekvape Digi-Q Kit color and flavor:

  • Kit Color: Purple – Flavor: Sour Watermelon Strawberry 50mg
  • Kit Color: Black – Flavor: Nirvana 50mg
  • Kit Color: Black – Flavor: Watermelon Hula Berry Lime 48mg
  • Kit Color: Red – Flavor: Peppermint 50mg
  • Kit Color: Black – Flavor: Butter Cookie 48mg
  • Kit Color: Black – Flavor: Rebirth 50mg
  • Kit Color: Black – Flavor: Custard Cookie 48mg
  • Kit Color: Purple – Flavor: Watermelon Berry 50mg
  • Kit Color: Black – Flavor: Forbidden Berry 48mg
  • Kit Color: Black – Flavor: Fuji Pear Mangoberry 48mg
  • Kit Color: Purple – Flavor: Blue Raspberry Peach 50mg
  • Kit Color: Pink – Flavor: Arctic Cool Mint 50mg
  • Kit Color: Pink – Flavor: Pink Punch Lemonade 50mg
  • Kit Color: Pink – Flavor: Berry Medley Lemonade 50mg

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