Hitt Plus Disposable Vape 700 Puffs 380mAh

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The Hitt Plus makes it easy to enjoy great salt nic juice flavors. It is a one-time use disposable that requires no charging, filling or pod swapping. There are no buttons to push on this draw activated disposable vape. Just open the packaging and you can immediately enjoy delightful nic salt flavors. The 380mAh battery has more than enough power to generate good vapor production and draw out every last puff.

Hitt Plus Disposable Features:

  • Battery Capacity: 380mAh
  • ~700 Puffs
  • 5% Nicotine

Hitt Plus Flavors:

  • Banana Ice Hitt Plus

It takes so many great elements for a banana salt nic juice to really click. You need some confectionary grade and hard-shell glaze to appeal to fans of pure sweetness. You need some authentic ripe banana notes to keep the artificial banana essence at bay. There needs to be ample creaminess and that pure ripe banana flavor. The addition of cool menthol is considered a must by many adult vapers. The Hitt Plus is a nicely balanced disposable and it delivers a perfect banana ice puff every time.

  • Blueberry Pomegranate Hitt Plus

The always mysterious and tantalizing flavor of Blue Raspberry is a long-standing favorite of vapers. But what about Blueberry Pomegranate? We are happy to report that this also a great flavor. Adult vapers who prefer fruit salt nic juices are sure to enjoy the Blue Pomegranate Hitt Plus. The pomegranate adds a delightful and distinct sweetness to a rich blueberry base. If you are unfamiliar with the flavor of pomegranate, an increasingly unlike situation with vast proliferation of pomegranate flavored teas and beverages on the market, rest assured it is a perfect flavor for vaping. Tasting a bit like sweet cranberries, it adds great depth, and the fragrant notes make for a flavor that stays fresh throughout the day.

  • Fresh Mint Hitt Plus

It seems that disposable vape pens are available in any flavor under the sun. Bottled nic salt juices have an even larger selection of taste options. If you live in a state without a flavor ban, there are so many choices. Yet one flavor stands above all others in popularity. At one time, this flavor was also available in prefilled vape pod kits as well. The flavor being referenced here is mint. Mint is fresh, cool, mildly sweet, and perhaps the flavor most perfectly suited to all-day vaping and potent nic salts. If you are making a list of the best Juul Mint alternatives, a great disposable like the Fresh Mint Hitt Plus must be near the top of the list. It is even easier to use than a prefilled vape pod kit and lasts much longer, thanks to an e-liquid capacity four times greater.

  • Guava Hitt Plus

The guava flavor is often compared to a cross of pear and strawberry. The reality is that it tastes like guava, a distinct tropical fruit that cannot be mistaken for any other flavor. It is sweet, mildly floral and has rich flavor notes that simply scream “Guava!” even in a salt nic juice. The Guava Hitt Plus delivers a pure taste of guava, there are no added flavors and not even a hint of menthol. Guava is a flavor that works great as a salt nic and can be vaped all day. The Hitt Plus is a great disposable. This is the total package if you are looking for a tropical fruit vape.

  • Lemonade Ice Hitt Plus

The many layers of flavor in lemonade and this balanced complexity make it a perfect choice for a salt nic juice flavor. Hints of tartness, refreshing sweetness and authentic lemon flavor are why the Lemonade Ice Hitt Plus is such a popular disposable vape pen. Overall, this salt nic juice is a bit less sour and sweeter than a traditional citrus vape. Fans of beverage nic salts are sure to love this one. The blast of cooling menthol ice adds a crucial flavor element that simply wasn’t available when lemonade was first being freshly squeezed millennia ago.

  • Lush Ice Hitt Plus

Lush Ice is a nic salt flavor that surged in popularity at the same time disposable vapes took off. VGod is often credited with the original Lush Ice formula but watermelon has long been a staple vaping flavor. It was the addition of menthol ice and a dash of cranberry that gives lush its character and appeal. The Lush Ice Hitt Plus is one of the best. The menthol is subtle and cool, never overwhelming the fruity notes of watermelon and raspberry. Watermelon is the dominant flavor but does not overwhelm. The lightness of the watermelon nic salt is refreshing but adds character to this cooling salt nic juice. If you are looking for the best lush ice disposable, the Hitt Plus Lush Ice Disposable Vape Pen should be on the list.

  • Nana Berry Hitt Plus

Strawberry and banana, two extremely fruits whose flavors combine to make a nearly perfect salt nic juice. The Nana Berry Hitt Plus is sweet, tart and has a nice creaminess. The banana flavor is not too artificial tasting, and this is no small deal. The bold and fresh flavor of fresh picked strawberry tastes just as authentic. The confluence of these two fruit flavors is a match made in heaven. With enough complimentary elements to be considered a dessert vape as well as a fruit vape, adult vapers will enjoy both the efficient Hitt Plus disposable vape pen and a salt nic juice that can be vaped all day.

  • Orange Pop Hitt Plus

The boldly delicious flavor of Orange Pop Hitt Plus will appeal to fans of citrus, fruit and beverages vapes. A well-crafted salt nic juice is always appreciated in a disposable vape pen. Hitt Plus has hit all the right notes with this one. The Orange Pop Hitt Plus has a cool mouthfeel, sweet citrus notes and just enough tartness to keep you engaged.

  • Peachy Ice Hitt Plus

Peach Ice salt nic juices simply work. The secret is that peach flavors are some of the best developed and most balanced in the industry. The Peachy Ice Hitt Plus is a great example. The juicy peach notes do not overwhelm and are enhanced with the ever-popular addition of menthol ice. Peach and ice are a winning flavor combination. When vaped in the compact and flavorful Hitt Plus, it is a real smash hit.

  • Punched Ice Hitt Plus

A medley of fruit flavors and a dash of ice makes the Punched Ice Hitt Plus a real knockout! While the individual fruity flavors are distinguishable, it is the balance of flavors that creates a good punch flavor and Hitt Plus has a knockout on their hands with this salt nic juice. Sweet fruit punch and icy menthol. What is not to like.

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