IVTOP PO Disposable Vape 1500 Puffs Kit 850mAh

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IVTOP PO Disposable Kit is designed as disposable devices for leisure vaping, made of SS material & providing comfortable handfeeling. It houses a gigantic 850mAh internal battery to support as many as 1500 puffs each unit. Rely ing on its 5% synthetic nicotine and 8ml vape juice capacity, which is sure to satisfy your taste due to its plenty of flavor.


Main Features:

  1. Disposable device for leisure vaping, without replacement
  2. 4ml capacity, pre-filled e-juice of 50mg nicotine & many flavors
  3. 850mAh built-in battery, about 1500 puffs enjoyment
  4. With adjustable airflow on the bottom
  5. Support OEM, at least 2000pcs per flavor


Physical Parameter:

Size: φ18 x 105mm

Capacity: 4ml(5%)

Battery: 850mAh

Puffs: 1500



Strawberry Passion Fruit,

Taro Ice Cream,

Lush Ice,

Banana Ice Cream,

Double Apple,

Bubble Gum,

Orange Soda,

Cool Mint, Candy,

Strawberry Milk

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