Joyetech VAAL Kiss Disposable Vape 200 Puffs 2.1ohm coil

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VAAL Kiss Disposable with Filter Tip is a cigalike and disposable pod device. With a slim vape pen style appearance, it is compact and portable, almost close to the diameter of a real cigarette. Upgrade touch and bright colors, the VAAL Kiss is also very eye-catching when held in the hand. Provide users with a unique atomization experience through the filter tip on the top. It is a great option for those looking to quit smoking. Each VAAL Kiss disposable vape is individually packaged. The device itself is fully charged and filled with liquid, so it can be used fully. You don't need to think about cables and charging, and you don't need to find the right liquid. Compare with a traditional cigarette, it doesn't have tobacco ash and tar. Compare with the pod system, it's convenient as it can vaping directly. One time uses, and throw it after use out.

Each VAAL Kiss vape pen has a built-in 180mAh battery and contains 1.0ml 5% nic salt e-liquid. About 200 puffs, close to 1 pack of the traditional cigarettes. Save money, keep healthy. With 2 replaceable filters, users can share with friends, avoid different people use the same mouthpiece, and enhance the immersive smoking experience. How to use: Press the bead inside the filter to release the flavor; Insert a filter into the battery and inhale gently. Take the only one step to start your vape with VAAL Kiss. 7 flavors available. Choose a flavor you prefer and start your smoke free life!

VAAL Kiss Features:

  • • Filter Tip E-cigarettes Disposable
  • • 180mAh pre-charged internal battery
  • • Pre-filled with 1.0mL e-juice
  • • 5% Nic Salt by weight
  • • Approximately 200 puffs per pod
  • • Includes 2 removable vape filter
  • • Variety of flavors(Tobacco, fruit, and drinks)
  • • No charging/filling needed
  • • Simple, convenient, and stylish
  • 1x VAAL Kiss Device
  • 2x Mint Filter

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