Loom Disposable Vape 4500 puffs

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Loom Disposable Vape, The future is here with the Loom’s adjustable airflow, filled with real e-juice! This device is also a rechargeable disposable, you can use a USB-C rechargeable cable. Ninety percent of all disposables batteries run out of battery life before you even finish the e-juice. This device allows you to charge the battery and puff the remaining e-juice. Than you can throw out the Loom! Long lasting disposable with all the best flavors the market has to offer. 

Loom Disposable Vape have 4,500 puffs,contains 5% nicotine.

Loom Features : 

  1. Loom 4500 puffs 1 disposable 
  2. 5% nicotine – strength 
  3. generous 4,500 puffs 
  4. Does not include the USB-c chargeable cable.
  5. adjustable airflow

Loom Flavors:

  • Banana Ice,
  • Blue Energy,
  • Blue Razz Ice,
  • Cool Mint,
  • Grape Bubblegum,
  • Lush Ice,
  • Strawberry Milkshake

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