Maskking High GTS Disposable Vape 2500 puffs 1500mAh

Flavor: 2% Strawlychee Watermelon
Sale price$7.49


Introducing the Maskking High GTS disposable! Featuring a large 8.5ml juice capacity, 1500mAh battery, 1.2ohm resistance, and up to 2500 puffs the Maskking High GTS is an excellent choice! Maskking is one of the largest disposable brands in Europe and Asia and now we know why...the taste is SUPERB! Be sure to try out the Maskking High GTS Disposable today! Available in BOTH 2% and 5% nicotine options. 

Maskking High GTS Specifications:

  • Size: 22.6x115.9mm

  • Capacity: 8.5ml

  • Battery: 1500mAh

  • Resistance: 1.2ohm

  • Voltage: 4.2V

  • Weight: 70g

  • Approx. 2500 Puffs

  • 2% or 20mg / 5% or 50mg Nicotine

Maskking High GTS Flavors:

  • Strawlychee Watermelon
  • Apple Cantaloupe
  • Fantasy Cherry
  • Pineapple Grape Fruit
  • Raspberry Coke
  • Peach Grape
  • Mango Pineapple
  • Kiwi Watermelon
  • Cigar Cream Tobacco
  • Black Currant
  • Melon Coconut
  • Energy Juice
  • Strawberry Lychee
  • Ice Tangerine
  • Guava Kiwi Strawberry

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