Mr. Freeze Disposable Vape 200 Puffs 1.3mL

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Flavors: Banana Frost
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Mr. Freeze Disposable Vape comes in 1.3ml of e-juice and 5% nicotine. The Disposable Vape is Best delicious flavors on Market! Free yourself from the smell of tobacco and ashes everywhere! It has 200 puffs per devices,Once the battery is dead, charge it and don't throw it away.The most immediately obvious thing is that it is more stable for consistent taste from beginning to end, with no loss of taste due to prolonged vaping or lack of e-liquid.

Device Details:

  • Disposable Pod System
  • Compact & Portable Design
  • Liquid Capacity: 1.3ml
  • Battery Capacity: 280 mAh
  • Nicotine: 50mg (5%)
  • 200+ Puffs Per Pod


    • Apple Frost
    • Blue Raspberry Frost
    • Watermelon Frost
    • Strawberry Watermelon Frost
    • Mango Frost
    • Strawberry Lemonade
    • Mango
    • Strawberry Lemonade Frost
    • Pure Frost
    • Peach Frost
    • Berry Frost
    • Tobacco
    • Strawberry Banana Frost

    Packaging Includes:

    • 1x Mr. Freeze Disposable Vape Device 

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