MYLE Mini Disposable Vape 320 puffs 1.2ml

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MYLE Mini Disposable Vape have nicotine salts at 5% nicotine or 2% and 1.2ml E-liquid that provides the user with approximately 320 puffs per pod. It doesn't need refilling or charging. Including all the traditional MYLE flavors along with some new ones, there are a total of ten flavors available. Just make a choice according to your favorite taste.

MYLE Mini Parameters:

  • Size (in.): 2.96 H x 0.77 W x 0.42 D
  • Device Color: Black
  • E-liquid capacity: 1.2ml built-in Pod
  • Nicotine content: 5% or 2% nicotine by volume/unit
  • Puffs: 320 puffs/pod (approx.)

MYLE Mini flavor:

  • Iced Watermelon 
  • Iced Apple Mango 
  • Iced Mint 
  • Iced Quad Berry 
  • Sweet Tobacco 
  • Pink Lemonade 
  • Red Apple 
  • Lemon Mint 
  • Peach

MYLE Mini comes with:

  • 1 * MYLE Mini Disposable Pod Device 

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