Oxbar Magic Maze Pro Disposable Vape 10000 Puffs

Flavor: Bubble Melon
Sale price$13.00


Oxbar Magic Maze Pro Disposable Vape offers up to 10,000 puffs of vapor. With its 18ml of e-liquid and 5% nicotine, this device can provide a pleasant vaping experience for you. Because of these impressive features, you can enjoy unmatched convenience and feel satisfied when you are vaping in your daily life.

Oxbar Magic Maze Pro Disposable Vape Features:

  • 50mg of Nicotine
  • 10000 Puffs
  • 18ml of E-Liquid
  • Diverse Flavors

Oxbar Magic Maze Pro Disposable Vape Flavors:

  • Bubble Melon
  • Fruity Pebz
  • Jewel Mint
  • Jolly Green Apple
  • Mango Boba
  • Peach Ringz
  • Pink Burst Chew
  • Savage Patch Gummies
  • Sexy Melons
  • Strawberry Lolly
  • Tiff Jewel Mint
  • Watermelon Skittlz
  • Clear Emerald
  • Clear Jewel
  • Clear Sapphire
  • Candy Cane
  • Blueberry Strawberry Dragonfruit
  • Blue Razz
  • Blue Razz Watermelon
  • Cherry Lemon Slushy
  • Fruit Paradise
  • Mango Berry Lemonade
  • Rainbow Blast
  • Razz Pineapple
  • Sakura Grape
  • Splash Bros Lemonade
  • Strawberry Kiwi Ice
  • Strawberry Apple Watermelon
  • Strawnana
  • WAP Drops
  • Watermelon Remix Ice

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