RipTide RipStick G2 Disposable Vape

Flavor: Menthol 5%
Sale price$4.99


RipTide RipStick G2 Disposable Vape is designed as a rechargeable Pod Kit with various flavors of cartridge. It has a 1.4ml pre-filled cartridge with 6 flavors & 50/20mg nicotine for your option. And the cartridge features its anti-condensation design, and anti-leakage structure: built-in oil storage cotton. Moreover, it has steady airflow & pure flavor, and is portable & exquisite & light, with various colors for your choice!

RipTide RipStick G2 Description:

  • 5%, 2.4% nicotine concentrations
  • 1.4ml of e-liquid
  • Compatible with RipStick G1 & G2 Devices
  • 300 puffs per pod
  • Pack of 1

RipTide RipStick G2 Vape Device:

  • 500mAh battery capacity
  • USB charger included
  • Manual included
  • Pods Sold Separately

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