Smack Power Disposable Vape 4500 Puffs 500mAh

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The exterior colors, Smack Power Disposable Vape, are really nice,Every color will please you.Smack Power Disposable Vape built-in 500mAh Battery,up to 4500 Puffs.That's a couple packs of cigarettes, enough to last you a long time.It contains 10ml Liquid and 50mg Nicotine.

Smack Power Features:

  • All-In-One Disposable Vapor System
  • Battery: 500mAh
  • Nicotine: 5% (50mg)
  • Liquid: 10ml
  • Puffs: 4500
  • charger included

Smack Power flavors:

  • Frozen Mint
  • Frozen Watermelon Raspberry
  • Honey Strawberry Apple
  • Frozen Kiwi Strawberry
  • Banana Bread
  • Frozen Fruit Cocktail
  • Cherry Raspberry Slushy
  • Cotton Candy

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