Unique Plus Disposable Vape 400 Puffs 1.2mL

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Unique Plus Disposable Vape is capable of unbelievable pre-filled 1.2ml vape juice for approximately 400 puffs each kit.With its 280mAh built-in battery, it can support you for sufficient power to vape. These small, lightweight, disposable devices are packed with exceptional flavor and made with the cleanest products available.  They are perfect for on the go and when you don’t want to carry around a large traditional mod device.



  • 280mAh 
  • 1.2mL 
  • 400 Puffs per Device 

Unique plus Disposable Strawberry Banana
Unique plus Disposable Cotton Candy
Unique plus Disposable Triple Berry Cake
Unique plus Disposable Rainbow Candy
Unique plus Disposable Energy Drink

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