Vaal Max Disposable Vape Kit 4500 Puffs 850mAh

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Vaal Max Disposable Vape features an 850mAh battery capacity that is chargeable via a USB-C quick charging, which allows you for about weeks to take. This device, which can give 4500 puffs on average, is a great place to start if you're new to vaping.Capable of holding 10ml of E-liquid that is prefilled, each kit is associated with a 0.5ohm built-in mesh coil, matching the disposable perfectly to pursuing an unprecedented and delicious flavor. Utilizing a 1.7%/1.2% nicotine strength, you can enjoy it with ease for every puff. 


• 850mAh Battery Capacity

• USB-C Quick Charging

• 10ml Of E-liquid

• Utilize A 1.7%/1.2% Nicotine Strength

• 0.5ohm Built-in Mesh Coil

• Take About 4500 Puffs

Vaal Max Disposable SPECIFICATION
Puffs:up to 4500
Battery capacity:850mAh
E-juice capacity:10ml
Coil resistance:0.5ohm (mesh)
Nic. Strength:1.7%/1.2%
Charging:USB-C quick charge

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