Vapetasia Hyve Mesh Disposable Vape 4000 Puffs

Flavor: Vnla
Sale price$7.50


Vapetasia Hyve Mesh Disposable vape is popular with vaping users because it is cost-effective. Its design can satisfy customer's basic vaping requirements. Firstly it can provide about 4,000 puffs to give a delectable vapor with its regular e-juice with 5% nicotine. Secondly, it is designed to provide several flavors for customers. 

Vapetasia Hyve Mesh Parameters:

  • Nicotine: 5%
  • E-Juice: 10mL
  • 4000 Puffs Per Device

Vapetasia Hyve Mesh Flavors:

  • Vnla
  • Honeydew Kream
  • Dragons Breath
  • Trapple

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