Vaptio Beco Disposable Vape 300 puffs 280mAh

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ULTD Salts puff bar disposable device is the latest and greatest device, combining supreme flavour with ultimate convenience. This device has a pre-filled pod, full of ULTD Lemberry Brew Nic Salt. Lemberry Brew is bursting with rich flavours and the sweet fresh hand-picked blackcurrants blend perfectly with the citrusy tones of the lemonade.

Puff Bar disposables are stylish, compact, and boast a 1.3ml internal tank, with enough e-liquid to keep you satisfied all day. The puff bars contain nicotine salt e-liquids. Nic salts offer a smoother hit and faster nicotine delivery, satisfying your cravings in no time.

Puff bars are draw-activated, meaning you can simply pick up the device and start vaping. No buttons or settings. Each device provides up to 300 puffs and is available is an array of delicious flavours from our ULTD Salts range. The innovative e-cigarettes are designed by Beco and powered by a built-in 280mAh battery.

Vaptio Beco FEATURES:

  • Simple, convenient and portable device
  • Can be disposed of when empty
  • The pod is pre-filled with ULTD Salts Lemberry Brew e-liquid
  • 1.3ml of e-liquid (up to 300 puffs

Vaptio Beco comes with:

  • 1*Vaptio Beco Disposable Vape 300 puffs 280mAh


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