VGOD POD 1K Disposable Vape 1000 Puffs 650mA

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VGOD POD 1K Disposable features a 4ml capacity non-refillable design that is refilled, this maximum-capacity utilizes 50mg Salt-based nicotine to restore the mixed fruit flavor. There has no need for maintenance, charging, or refilling of any kind because of its disposable nature. POD 1K provides a sleek, compact, and elegant appearance, yet is equipped with an improved battery. It is mean to be disposed of after the life cycle by its 650mAh built-in battery to support approximately 1000 Puffs. Once you grab this kit and inhale it by the mouthpiece, this device is automatically activated with no buttons, no hassle.

VGOD POD 1K Features:

  • • 4ml Capacity Non-refillable Design
  • • 50mg Salt Based Nicotine
  • • No Need To Maintenance
  • • Sleek, Compact And Elegant Appearance
  • • Improved Battery
  • • 650mAh Built-in Battery
  • • Support Approximately 1000 Puffs
  • • Automatically Activated By Inhaling
  • 1 x VGOD POD 1K Disposable

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