WAKA soPro DM8000i Device EMPOWERED BY RELX – 8000 Puffs

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Flavor: Banana Melon
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Let you know more about Waka SoPro DM8000i, a disposable vape designed to provide an exceptional vaping experience. Boasting a generous 14ml e-liquid capacity and make for  8000 puffs, it promises long-lasting enjoyment. The device features a user-friendly display screen, allowing for effortless navigation and customization. Its rechargeable capability ensures convenience and uninterrupted usage. With a wide selection of 19 flavors to choose from, users can savor their preferred taste. The dual coil design ensures enhanced vapor production and a satisfying throat hit.

WAKA soPro DM8000i  specification :

  • Dual Mesh
  • 14ml vape juice
  •  850mAh Battery
  • 5% Nicotine
  •  8000 puffs
  • lcd smart screen

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